Monday, February 25, 2008

Whether You Think You Can or Can't You're Right

My mother is not only a great lady, she is also one of my best friends. She retired on February 1, 2008, after over 25 years at the same company. She is the epitome of a loyal team member. She worried too much about work, and stuck it out through thick and thin. She worked full time most of our childhood years, so our family could make ends meet. She is a very pragmatic, detail-oriented person.

When my dad died unexpectedly (massive heart attack) May 28, 1999, we weren't sure what would become of my Mom. First of all, as much as my folks grumped about each other, they did love and need each other. Second, she had never been alone in her life. Thank God my older sister, Shari, jumped in and filled a maternal role with our Mom to help her through countless episodes of anger, fear, anxiety, and loneliness.

Thanks to the huge blessing of the STAR POWER network, I had met Dr. Tom Hill of the Eagle Institute and he sent me a fantastic book for my Mom to read about finding the second love of her life. My Mom ended up moving into a new mindset. She discovered she could be independent. She sold the house she and my Dad had lived in and bought a brand-new house. She put herself out on the dating circuit after well over 35 years. She fell in love and married in September 2003. And now, my Mom is traveling the east coast in an RV and enjoying life. That's my Mom, in the picture, holding an alligator! She's discovering an adventurous, carefree life and she's proving it's never too late to start living the life you want.

Moral of the story: my Mom went from a mindset of despair and loneliness to a vibrant, fun-filled future. Your thoughts are powerful things. Be mindful what you're feeding your brain.


Bonnie T said...

Thanks for the delightful and insightful blog on your mother. My mother, I always thought, had no life after my father died when he was 49 and she was only 44. But, I look back and realized I never wanted for anything. How she raised me on a time piece seamstress salary is beyond me. She had friends and bingo over the years, but never remarried. I look back and understand, she made me her priority. It was my blessing that she lived to see my adult life and my husband and her two granddaughters. God always has a reason, but sometimes it takes us years to understand what it was he meant fo us. Your mother made herself get out and enjoy life and you have years to enjoy her! She raised a beautiful daighter.

Kathleen Marion said...

Hi Amy!

I work for Matt Basson and just got your Linkedin notice today. I was reading your blog about your mom. My husband passed away in Dec of 1999. I too also went though much of what your mom went through, however, I have not yet found a new love for my life. What's the name of the book your mother read? Thanks

Kathleen Marion
The Loyalty Company