Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Use What You've Got

“If you don’t have big breasts, wear pigtails in your hair.” Barbara Corcoran, a runaway success in real estate in New York City, shared these words of wisdom from her mom. This was also the original title of her book, which has since been renamed “Use What You’ve Got.”

Are you using what you’ve got, or are you trying to be someone you’re not?

So often, I find people are struggling because they’re trying to BE something so far removed from who they authentically are that it creates an undefined internal conflict that paralyzes action.

There’s a model taught in coaching called “Be – Do – Have.” What we find is most people are living it backwards. They think if they only had certain things (more money, more time, a certain car, a better spouse) then they could do what they really want to (buy that upgraded Web site, take that vacation, impress that seller) and eventually would be the person that they know they are, deep down inside.

Laws of Nature actually support the opposite. Get clear on who you BE (are) first. What do you stand for? What are your core values? That clarity creates the foundation that supports you DOing things that support your integrity, and when those two line up, you’ll find you HAVE everything you need for a happy life.

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