Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coaching and Consulting Business is Born

Wow, I am still in shock and so excited to be starting my own coaching and consulting company. Many know I am the former Executive Vice President of STAR POWER Systems, the absolute top of the line real estate training, motivating, and educating organization in the world.

Back in 1992, I was recruited into real estate by a local Coldwell Banker office in West Lafayette, Indiana. There I was blessed to be introduced to Cathy Russell, the top producer in the county. I started doing open houses for her, and before any of us knew it, I was on her team!

In November of 1993, I traveled with Cathy to the National Association of REALTORS convention, where she was interviewed by the one-and-only Howard Brinton, founder and CEO of STAR POWER. An incredible relationship was born.

In 1996, after much soul searching, I knew God was calling me to step up to the next level. I reached out to Howard Brinton, and with Cathy Russell's blessing, picked up and moved, with my husband Jeff and 13-week-old (at the time) son Calvin, to Colorado.

What a profound and impactful step that was! We were able to create and successfully launch the renowned STAR POWER University programs (first class was Team Training, November 1-3, 1996); Conference leaped from 970 attendees in Naples, Florida in 1996 to nearly 2,000 in New York City in 2006; and a host of products were developed (I am very proud of developing Changing Markets First Aid Kit, which launched the summer of 2006 and sold over 1,000 units its first year out.

The greatest gift, by far, was the family I gained in the STAR POWER network. You won't find a more brilliant, gifted, generous, sharing bunch of people than the STAR POWER Stars. Some of my best friends have come from this network.

In 2001, both Howard and I decided to get first-hand exposure to what coaching was by becoming trained coaches ourselves. We enrolled in the Academy for Coach Training in Bellevue, Washington, and after five courses and a year of training, we each received the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation.

In June of 2002, God brought me my business coach and lifelong friend in the making, Susan McKay. She saved my life. And because of her rare and awesome talent, I have grown to be the coach I am today. Powerful hardly describes the woman.

Hundreds of clients and hours later, I am thrilled to open my own coaching and consulting business, focusing primarily on real estate professionals. I love this industry, and aspire to give back to this network that has been so kind and generous to me.


christiantrussell said...

Amy we're so happy to hear of your continued success. No doubt Howard and the Star Power team will miss you :) Best of luck with your new endeavors!

Christian Russell
Cathy Russell Team

Amy Stoehr said...

Christian, thank you SO much! I am very blessed indeed.