Monday, January 21, 2008

What Changing Lanes Consulting Offers You

Several of you have asked that I post more information on the blog about my services. So here you go! Call me at 303-956-6749 if you have questions.

Executive One-on-One Coaching
These sessions are conducted entirely by phone, with you and your coach working in partnership to break through challenges, set actionable plans for your business, and achieve extraordinary results both professionally and personally. You are responsible for calling your coach, documenting your commitments, and providing status reports on progress made and challenges encountered. Your coach is responsible for helping you get clear on what you want, helping you formulate your commitments, listening for potential obstacles, and advocating your choices and successes.

Because Amy has been deeply entrenched in the real estate industry since 1992, those of you who are real estate professionals receive the additional benefit of hands-on help with specific real estate business tools and techniques, for no additional charge.

Together with your coach, you’ll determine whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls will best facilitate your growth.

Enrollment: $250 per call; special through April 15, 2008, just $125 per call (50% off)

Onsite Consulting
Your consulting coach travels to your market and office location for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of your operations in three areas: your team, your systems, and YOU. You will receive a comprehensive report within two weeks making recommendations for specific changes and enhancements in all three areas. Six monthly follow-up calls can be used for facilitating meetings and enacting accountability with team members alone, with you alone, or with everyone together. You pay a flat fee, as well as your consultant’s travel, hotel, and per diem expenses.

Fee for two days: $7,500 plus expenses; special through April 15, just $3,750 (50% off)
Fee for three days: $10,000 plus expenses; special through April 15th $5,000 (50% off)

Annual Team Planning Retreat
Your coach comes to you to facilitate your team's annual, semi-annual, or quarterly planning retreats. Areas of focus you may choose for your team advance include:
· Team goal setting
· Personal visualization activities
· Team unity exercises
· Ideal week schedules
· Systems development processes
· DISC personality training
Follow-up calls at 30, 90, and 180 days facilitate implementation and give accountability to the team. You pay a flat fee, as well as your coach’s travel, hotel, and per diem expenses.

Fee: $5,000 plus expenses; special through April 15th $2,500 (50% off)

Retainer Services Package
Some clients may choose to benefit from the more flexible retainer package, which offers not only one-on-one telephone coaching, but also hands-on help from the coach with the client’s copy writing, marketing, and desktop publishing needs. For a monthly fee, the client will be given access to a bank of hours that can be used for any combination of coaching, consulting, and administrative support. Call for rates.

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