Friday, January 11, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a name!

I have been moved by the sight of lions for as long as I can remember. Whenever we visited my grandparents, we would go to the St. Louis Zoo, and my primary focus was to get over to Big Cat Country and see the lions.

While in the Denver International Airport between business trips back in 2003, I visited an art gallery displaying the works of artist Thomas D. Mangelsen. I came across a stunning picture of a pride of lions traversing a dirt road. Its title was Changing Lanes.

As I consider my purpose for opening this business, I realize that people are at different stages in their business and personal lives. Some are looking to jump into the "fast lane" and explode their business. Others have been driving the fast lane too long and are ready to get in the slow lane. Some are poised to set the cruise control and travel that middle lane. And some are ready to flat out get off the road.

No matter where you're at, Changing Lanes Consulting is here to help you. It's time to get clear on where you want to go, develop the map of how to get there, and enjoy the drive along the way.


Michael said...

Changing Lanes
Everybody gains!
Gotta love the new name.
It's not "more of the same".
A lesson from Stoehr
Will help them get there.
Whether it is faster or slower,
They'll be better because they know her.
Here's wishing the best
For my friend on her quest.


Sandra Nickel said...

Amy, you have such a rich history of assisting so many of us as we have either changed lanes or fouond that our lane was being "merged" into something else. Anyone fortunate to receive your guidance will find the road before them smooths out and opens up to limitless possibilities.
You go, girl!

Sandra Nickel

Ethel Mayer said...

Dear Amy,

I second everything Michael Maher and Sandra Nickel said, although
I cannot offer readers anything like Michael's creative poem.

Your blog is beautifully written,
succint and a perfect picture of you.

As a coach, you are caring and compassionate, enthusiastic, and you offer and share extraordinary insight and motivation to those who are fortunate enough to be working with you.

It would be my pleasure to provide
anyone interested with more information and accolades.

Ethel Mayer

Pat Wattam, Realtor said...

What a great name for your company! It's going to be so fabulous to be in control of your destiny and help others get in control of theirs! Best of luck! Pat

Amy Stoehr said...

What an awesome bunch of people I have the privilege of being associated with. Thanks to all of you!

Tami K. Spaulding said...

Dear Amy,
Your new company name ROCKS just like you do! I wish you the best of success! I know that anyone who coaches with you will win! You are such a dynamic person with so much to offer. I will let the world know that the best of the best is now coaching with her own Company.

Success to you,

Tami K. Spaulding
The Group, Inc.